Welcome to MBX NETWORK

The MBXNetwork is a group of like minded individuals, business people and professionals networking on a level that allows a person to grow their business in a unique way. It's like having a marketing team that believes in you, not just the business you are in.

Over time MBX members will know your business almost as well as you do. This means YOU are now 40 to 60 times more effective in our community.

MBX is your best way to gather new customers and increase your influence in the local business arena. The MBX Network not only increases your bottom line, it also gives you a place to exchange your thoughts and increase the local awareness of your business. Since 2011, MBX referrals have generated over $1,600,000 of new business to our members.

MBX has only one opening per business category. This ensures that there is no competition for business within the chapter. Please come and be a guest at our meeting place. (Click here for location).





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