Commercial Insurance

Kelly Spies


I am a licensed independent insurance agent and consultant specializing in business insurance. I help small to medium sized businesses with risk management evaluations that help me tailor commercial insurance policies for them based on the individual needs of each company.
As an Insurance agent, I work with many of the insurance industry's leading carriers, including The Hartford, Travelers, Nationwide, AmTrust and Capital Insurance Group and more. Working with a variety of insurance carriers gives me the opportunity to provide my clients with the most competitive rates and it allows me to make sure the Insurance Company is a fit for my client instead of making sure my client is a fit for the Insurance Company.
A few examples of the types of businesses I have insured are:
Restaurants, Retailers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Accountants
Doctors, Farmers, Professionals, Nonprofit Organizations, Thrift Stores
Fuel Dealers, Apartments, Various Training Schools, Truckers
Fitness Centers, Health Clubs, Accountants, Chiropractors
Farmers, Artists, Performers, Grocery Stores, Realtors
Hospices, Religious Organizations, Occupational Therapists
Many Many More!
If you need insurance or even just want a policy assessment give me a shout. 209-227-3897




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