Cafe & Bakery

Sam Eck
(209) 777-1101



Jantz Cafe & Bakery

Hello, I am Sam Eck, the owner of Jantz Cafe in Merced.

Jantz Cafe & Bakery was started by my sister, Andrea, her husband, Sheldon Jantz and two of Sheldon's brothers in Atwater.

I have been involved in the restaurant business since 2011, before that my working life consisted of different aspects of home construction. We opened the cafe in Merced in 2013. Just like when I was involved in construction, I enjoy creating a space that is hospitable and comfortable, like we have at Jantz Cafe. We have a great family run business that gives the community of Merced a place to meet family, friends, and colleagues, while enjoying good food and coffee!

On a personal note, I have an amazing wife and four wonderful children. We like to stay active, and my favorite activity is backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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